Monday, November 10, 2008


We know that the main source of our living is oxygen and tree is the main supplier of creating oxygen. Whenever we cut trees for our necessity then we are destroying our fortune by ourselves. Because, there are no option to trees. If there are enough trees in the earth then we will exist in the earth. In this work I want to express the destroying situation of our life. The trees are collecting the sun light by their photosynthesis process and in this way they are making their food and they survives. In contrast of this surviving process they are giving oxygen continuously to us. I tried to express the sadness of trees and the foolishness of man by obstructing the whole photosynthesis process for short time. For this act I covered many trees by poly thin bag. We know that poly thin bag is bad for our nature. For creating bad affect I used poly thin bag. Because of using poly thin bag the natural photosynthesis process was obstructed for a while. There is no source to exit oxygen from the poly thin bag. In this way some water is created in the bag. This water seems to me as tears of trees. In this work I want to express that we are destroying our own future by cutting trees continuously.

Working space and time: Purba Eco Village, Hathazari, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 2008.

Materials: Poly thin bag and ribbon.

Dimension and size: Installation is three dimensional. Size is length 90 feet x wide 90 feet x height 7 feet (Approximately).